Column:PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE Time:2019-07-12
In life, glass or glassware is in everywhere.Among the many kinds of glass, have you heard of PDCL SMART glass?

         PDLC SMART GLASS           
In life, glass or glassware is everywhere.Among the many kinds of glass, have you heard of intelligent dimming glass?Intelligent dimming glass, also known as electrochromic glass, atomized glass, is to control the glass discoloration and color depth by controlling the electric field direction of electrochromic material in the glass sandwich. It can adjust the light transmittance of glass and the intensity of sunlight in the room in a larger range, so as to keep the light in the room soft and comfortable.Because of its adjustability, smart dimmable glass is also used in buildings where confidentiality or privacy is required, making the window glass as easy to use as electrically controlled curtains.At present, the manufacturing cost of intelligent dimmed glass window has been greatly reduced, and its application field has gradually shifted from commercial to household.What is the function of such creative glass?Let's take a look.


The functions of intelligent dimming glass are generally divided into the following points:

I. Privacy protection function: The biggest function of intelligent dimming glass is privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque state of glass at any time.

Ii. Projection function: Smart dimmer glass is a very excellent projection hard screen, and the projection effect is very outstanding under the appropriate environment of light.

3. It has all the advantages of safety glass, including safety performance to prevent splashes after breaking, good anti-impact strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, more than 99% of the UV.


Because of the laminated glass process, the film in the dimmer glass will bond the glass firmly, so that when the dimmer glass is broken by impact, the glass fragments will stick to the film in the middle, so that no glass fragments will splash and hurt people.The dimmer film and film in the middle of the dimmer glass can shield more than 90% of the infrared and ULTRAVIOLET rays.Shielding infrared reduces heat radiation and transmission.Shielding uv can protect the indoor display from fading and aging caused by UV irradiation, and protect the personnel from diseases caused by direct UV radiation.The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have the effect of sound damping.Can effectively block all kinds of noise.

Processing method

Considering the temperature and pressure resistance of the liquid crystal film in the production process of intelligent electric controlled dimming glass, one-step vacuum forming method is widely used in the production and processing of dimming glass.Its equipment structure is simple and easy to operate.The dimmer glass made by this method has long service life and relatively stable performance.

The following is the structure diagram of dimming glass splice. If you have any questions, we Cada company can provide on-site technical guidance for you!