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When Glass meet Caida EVA film


When glass meet Caida EVA film


Glass ceiling sunlight room

Caida EVA FILM for outdoor

       The English name——winter garden,A winter garden in literal translation. There are two meanings: firstly, it realizes the close contacting of the bedroom and sunshine, even in the cold winter day, also can enjoy the warmth of sunshine. Secondly, because of the unique heat preservation effect of the sunlight room, it can achieve the function of greenhouse, even in the cold winter, also for the family to create a warm bedroom environment.

Today, let us analyze EVA film, the intermediate material of sunlight room glass
Features of EVA film:
1. Super transparency
2. Protect against ultraviolet rays and high bonding strength
3. Strong aging resistance
4. Less glue
It is an ideal material for the production of high definition safety laminated glass. The product quality has passed the inspection of national safety glass and quartz glass quality supervision and inspection center, and fully conforms to the national safety glass standard.



Application field of CAIDA  color EVA film:

Interior decoration, KTV teahouse, coffee house, bar, dance hall, business hall, home decoration, studio, wall lamp, sales department, sales field, villa, stair ground glass folder glue and other aspects.

Film features:

1. It is used for outdoor color fastening

2. There are over thirty different colors for you to choose 

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